How to afford the private school of your dreams

It’s a simple fact - not everyone can afford to pay full-price tuition for private schools. However, that doesn’t mean that a high quality education is impossible to attain. Before you give up on a competitive school for your child, consider these tuition tips:

Unveiling our new Personalized Prep Plan!

Just in time for testing season, we are launching our new Personalized Prep Plan, a customized step-by-step guide to achieving test success.

Test success is different for every student. To figure out what success means for you, you need to know what your target school(s) consider a good score. But most schools don’t reveal that number publicly, which leaves students trying to figure it out for themselves.

Info for International Students

Every year, there are increasing numbers of international applicants to private high schools and boarding schools in the U.S. and Canada. A North American high school education has a number of benefits, including a greater understanding of the college application process, academic readiness for a college education, and immersion in English language and American culture. The schools also love to accept international students to improve their campus diversity. Here are our considerations for international applicants.

Guessing Strategies for ISEE Math

The best-case scenario for any test is knowing how to do every problem. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. So what do you do when you’re faced with a problem you don’t understand and you truly have no idea how to even begin?

Here is a strategy that will increase the odds that you get a question right when you know nothing about the content of the question and can’t eliminate any answer choices.

Top 10 Most Competitive ISEE Schools

Thinking of applying to one of these schools? Others are too!

Boston Latin School

#3: Boston Latin School

Here are the top 10 most competitive ISEE schools, based on the number of students who stated their intention to apply.

ISEE Accommodations

What kinds of accommodations are offered on the ISEE?

The most common accommodation is extended time – usually 50% more on each section. Prometric offices offer two extended time options, time and a half or double time.

We also offer time and a half for our practice tests so you can experience exactly what it will be like on test day!

Where do schools require the ISEE vs. the SSAT?

You may know about the content differences between the ISEE and the SSAT from our previous post here. But there are also big geographic differences. Schools in Georgia, for example, never use the ISEE for admission, while schools in Texas never ask for SSAT scores.

Check out this map to see which states prefer the ISEE over the SSAT (click to enlarge).

What is the most important ISEE section?

Parents often ask us which ISEE section is the most important to a competitive application. It’s also a question we like to discuss with our internal team and with our network of tutors and school administrators. And as with everything else, we’ve analyzed our data to find the answer to this question.

ISEE Success: Joseph and the $100K Scholarship

Of the hundreds of success stories we heard from last year's ISEE test takers, we were especially inspired by Joseph's. Watch his story below.

Data Analysis: How our test takers performed by state

Over the summer, we've been poring over the tens of thousands of data points we attained from our ISEE practice test system this year. We were interested to see how students performed by question type, especially when it came to geographic location.

We found that five states were the top performers on all sections of the ISEE, but there were slight variations in their relative strengths. Here is a map of the top five states--New York, Massachusetts, California, Texas, and Washington--by ISEE section:

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