Scoring a Practice Test on Test Innovators' ACT Platform

Most students preparing for the exam use the official practice tests released by the ACT, which can be found online and in the ACT's official prep books.

The Test Innovators ACT platform provides full scoring of these official practice tests, along with interactive diagnostic feedback on time management, question type mastery, and strategic preparedness. These tools make it easy to diagnose your performance and figure out exactly what you need to work on to improve your scores.

You can get started for free today! The first step is to pick a practice test to take. (Find practice tests here)

Once you have a practice test in front of you...

Take the test while entering your answer choices directly into our online scoring system.

You will receive immediate feedback with timing charts,

...diagnostic feedback for every section,

...and a full score report, just like what you'll receive after test day.

Or, if you have already completed your practice test, you can still enter your answers into the system for all of the same feedback, minus the timing.

Do you have your practice test in front of you? Click below to get started:

Looking for a test? Below is a list of the tests that you can score on our platform:

Free official practice tests, which can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

2019-2020 Official ACT Guide practice tests (purchase on Amazon here )

  • Practice Test #1 Form 16MC1 (begins on page 41)
  • Practice Test #2 Form 16MC2 (begins on page 337)
  • Practice Test #3 Form 16MC3 (begins on page 477)
  • Practice Test #4 Form 18MC4 (begins on page 625)
  • Practice Test #5 Form 19MC5 (begins on page 757)

Real ACT Prep Guide practice tests (purchase on Amazon here )

  • ACT 1MC (begins on page 151)
  • ACT 2MC (begins on page 291)
  • ACT 3MC (begins on page 437)
  • ACT 4MC (begins on page 575)
  • ACT 5MC (begins on page 719)

Official practice tests from ACT, Inc* (practice tests are available for educators to purchase through ACT, Inc.)

  • ACT Form 1163E
  • ACT Form 1165D
  • ACT Form 1460E
  • ACT Form 1467F

Once you have your test in front of you, click here to get started!