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Why Test Innovators?

Personalized Data-Driven Technology
Study efficiently! The Test Innovators platform helps you focus on the areas that need improvement.
Immediate Normative Score Report
Interactive score reports provide SAT scaled scores and percentiles based on thousands of data points.
Designed for the top 10% of students
Our system is designed specifically for high-achieving students aiming for score of 1300 or higher on the SAT.
Diagnostics for Official Practice Tests
Our easy-to-use online bubble sheet provides support for the practice tests that most competitive test takers use to prepare.
Time Management Mastery
Time management is essential to a high score. Build the time management skills you need with interactive timing feedback.
Track Record of Success
Test Innovators' data-driven test prep has helped over 70,000 students achieve their best scores on standardized tests.

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How It Works

Preparation made easy

Gain access to our innovative online test-taking system so you can practice when and where you want.

Immediate, detailed scoring feedback

After taking a practice test, get immediate scores and actionable insights about content mastery and time management. Further hone your skills with targeted question banks.

Tools, strategies, and support

Test Innovators is here to help. Use our platform to discover which areas need additional work and learn the strategies and content you need to succeed.


"Your practice tests really helped my daughter manage her time. On the first test she ran short on time, however by the third one she was managing her time so well that she had a few minutes left over to check her work."

Jenn, parent

"Your practice tests were essential in determining specific areas where our student could prepare for the test."

Robert, parent

"I was so disappointed that I had found your site so late in the game! What a help it was though to see exactly what he needed help in. The way it's broken down to see exactly what needed improvement was a tremendous help! Thank you again for putting out such an amazing study tool."

Sheri, parent