Meet the 2018-2019 Independent School Tuition Scholarship Winners!

  • Posted By: Melissa Kinsler
  • August 6, 2019

Test Innovators Scholarship Program

Test Innovators is committed to helping all students gain access to quality education and opportunities. In accordance with this commitment, we developed the Test Innovators Scholarship Program.

We awarded scholarships to 13 students during the 2018-2019 year. Seven Independent School Tuition Scholarships will help fund student tuition to a great school, and six Test Prep Scholarships will help students prepare for the ISEE and SSAT.

Recipients of the 2018-2019 Independent School Tuition Scholarships have been officially chosen! These scholars will be given $1,000 towards tuition at their new school. We originally planned to offer merit scholarships to the six students with the greatest score improvements. This year we had so many fantastic applicants that we ended up choosing seven scholars.

There are two different ways that we determined the winners. Three students were granted scholarships based on overall score improvement (percentile point increase between official tests). Those students are Mariah M., Ayesha W., and Owen C. Four students were awarded scholarships based on the greatest percent possible score improvement. Those students are Gerald H., Macie W., Cleo W., and Ellis S..

Meet the 2018-2019 Winners

Mariah M. is starting 9th grade this fall at The Bush School in Seattle, Washington. Mariah didn't get the verbal and reading scores she was hoping for on her first official SSAT test, so she signed up for Test Innovators. After studying hard, she took the SSAT again and achieved a total score in the 99th percentile.

Owen C. is starting 9th grade this fall at San Domenico Boarding School in San Anselmo, California. When Owen took the ISEE the first time around he scored in the 82nd percentile which wasn't where he wanted to be. He was happy with his reading and verbal scores but knew it he had to buckle down to improve his math scores. After putting in the hard work, he took the ISEE again and achieved a total score in the 95th percentile.

Ellis S. is starting 10th grade this fall at Woodward Academy in College Park, Georgia. When Ellis took the SSAT the first time he scored in the 20th percentile. Knowing that he wanted to get better scores he spent time studying and learning how to take the test. When it was time to take the SSAT the second time around he scored in the 54th percentile.

Cleo W. is starting 7th grade this fall at the Lovett School in Atlanta, Georgia. When Cleo first took the ISEE she scored in the 29th percentile. After taking more time to prepare in specific sections, she was able to score in the 64th percentile.

Macie W. is starting 9th grade this fall at the College Preparatory School in Oakland, California. When Macie first took the ISEE she scored in the 15th percentile. Knowing that she could do better she looked for options to improve her score which led her to Test Innovators. After months of hard work, she scored in the 52nd percentile the second time she took the test.

Ayesha W. is starting 8th grade this fall at Next Generation in Champaign, Illinois. When Ayesha first took the SSAT she scored in the 46th percentile. When she went to take the test the second time around she made sure that she studied much harder by using Test Innovators. She ended up scoring in the 89th percentile the second time.

Gerald H. is starting 9th grade this fall at Bentley School in Oakland, California. Gerald knew that his first set of SSAT scores, placing him in the 4th percentile overall, didn't position him where he needed to be for his high school applications. He started practicing in earnest working through Test Innovators material, and when he retook the SSAT, he achieved a total score in the 71st percentile.

To learn more about our scholarship winners and how they improved, keep an eye on our blog and follow us on Facebook! We will be showcasing these seven hardworking students over the next few months with insight on how exactly they achieved such great improvement as well as more information about the school they will be attending in the fall. They will also be sharing advice they have for other students preparing to take the test.

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