Meet Olivia

  • Posted By: Celena Alduenda
  • September 1, 2020

Meet Olivia

We are pleased to introduce Olivia, one of our 2020 A Better Chance Scholars. Olivia’s perseverance and dedication allowed her to increase her SSAT score by 25 percentile points!

Olivia enjoys spending time outside. One of her favorite outdoor activities is riding her bike with her sister. In addition to being an outdoor enthusiast, Olivia is also an avid reader. She is currently reading Amina's Voice by Hena Khan. Olivia’s love for literature has flourished into a passion for writing. With the help of her school, she recently published a book of poems. Most impressively, Olivia is a small business owner. Livy & Sofie's Natural Body Elements, managed by Olivia and her sister, sells handmade bath and body skincare products made of the best fresh and organic ingredients.

At school, Olivia enjoys social studies, particularly history, and science, especially science experiments. Olivia recently participated in the science fair with an experiment about glow-in-the-dark algae.


Olivia took the SSAT as part of the application process for independent schools. She prepared for the SSAT by participating in the Test Innovators A Better Chance summer preparation course and by practicing independently on the Test Innovators online platform. Olivia was initially discouraged by her practice test scores, but after dedicated, consistent practice, she was able to achieve her desired results.

Advice for Students

Olivia’s advice for other students preparing for entrance exams is to persevere. Olivia explained, “This process may seem hard now, but it’s worth it all in the end.” Preparing for and taking the admissions test is a challenging process, but it is part of the journey of getting into a great school. Olivia encourages other students to keep the end goal in mind.

Advice for Parents

Felicia, Olivia’s mom, advises other parents who have students preparing for entrance exams to “Go with Test Innovators.” Felicia explained that because a lot of the material was new to Olivia, practicing with Test Innovators allowed her to learn strategies and improve. She added, “Definitely don’t let your child just blindly take the test.”

New School

Olivia will be attending school at Woodward Academy next year. Woodward Academy’s variety of extracurricular activities is what drew Olivia to the school. Olivia is especially looking forward to trying archery and cheerleading.

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