ISEE Accommodations

  • Posted By: Brenna O'Neill
  • May 11, 2016

What kinds of accommodations are offered on the ISEE?

The most common accommodation is extended time – usually 50% more on each section. Prometric offices offer two extended time options, time and a half or double time.

We also offer time and a half for our practice tests so you can experience exactly what it will be like on test day!

Am I eligible for accommodations?

There are three criteria to be eligible: having a learning difference or disability that requires accommodations, having documentation that establishes that need, and currently receiving accommodations at school for that learning difference.

Will my accommodations be shown on my score report?

No, they will not! ISEE score reports will not show any accommodations received.

What documentation do I need?

There are several different types of documentation that can demonstrate a need for accommodations. For example, an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) or a letter from a doctor may constitute acceptable supporting documentation. Check out the official ISEE website to see what you need to submit:

When do I need to have the accommodations paperwork filed?

The ERB asks that you file this at least five weeks in advance of your registered test date, so make sure to do this as soon as possible!

Other questions?

Check out the official ISEE website for more information and to register for accommodations:

Test Innovators' ISEE practice tests have accommodations built-in for students who need them. Learn more.