Cardigan Mountain School & Test Innovators

  • Posted By: Kimi Rosadini
  • June 7, 2019

Cardigan Mountain School is one of many schools across the country that uses Test Innovators to help their students prepare for their next step. They recently shared the story of why they chose Test Innovators as the best partner to help their students achieve success on the SSAT.

Cardigan Mountain is a boarding and day school for boys in grades 6 through 9. Nestled next to a lake in the woods of western New Hampshire, Cardigan focuses on instilling compassion, integrity, respect, and courage in every aspect of their students' education. When it comes to helping their students prepare for the next step in their educational careers, Cardigan ensures their students are ready for every part of the process, including the SSAT.

The SSAT(Secondary School Admissions Test) is a challenging admission test. It includes questions and topics designed to differentiate students spanning multiple grade levels, which often means it can be one of the most difficult standardized tests a student has encountered. Because of this, preparation for the SSAT is an important part of the high school placement process

Cardigan Mountain has worked with Test Innovators since 2017 to provide the best SSAT practice tools to their students. Over the years, the partnership has grown as Cardigan and Test Innovators together create the test prep program that best fits the needs of Cardigan’s students. Right now, the rising 9th grade class is heading off into the summer ready to begin their summer prep on the Test Innovators platform.

Cardigan Mountain’s Kristin LeRoy, Assistant Director of Secondary School Counseling & SSAT Coordinator, says that through using the Test Innovators platform, her students “become familiar with the content, the format of the tests,” and “success for some of our students is just gaining the confidence they need to take these tests and feel good that there are going to be no surprises.”

Learn more about why Cardigan uses Test Innovators:

Cardigan Mountain School Testimonial from Test Innovators on Vimeo.