Test Innovators Launches SAT Prep Platform

  • Posted By: Michael Eisen
  • January 18, 2018
Test Innovators SAT Prep for Success

That's right -- Test Innovators has officially launched SAT prep!

Test Innovators now has a brand-new test prep platform for the SAT, the college admissions exam taken by over 1.7 million students each year. The platform uses personalized data-driven technology to help students focus on only the areas that need improvement, making preparation as efficient as possible.

Test Innovators’ SAT prep is the only test-prep platform that provides critical time management insights while taking a paper test in real-time.

After taking a test you’ll see full interactive timing data that shows you exactly how long you spent on each question. With this information, you can answer important questions such as: did you have enough time to return to questions at the end of a section? Did some reading passages take longer than others? Are there types of questions that you tend to take longer on but still answer correctly?

Insights like these are extremely valuable for students (and educators) who are aiming for scores of 1300 or higher on the official test, as effective time management on a high-stakes timed test like the SAT is absolutely critical to success.

Beyond timing insights, students will also receive immediate scoring, including a diagnostic report with normative scores from 400 to 1600, and a breakdown of performance within each section. Students will be able to see topic-by-topic breakdowns of each section, allowing them to identify how they performed in specific areas.

Students are able to see exactly what they need to work on to improve their scores in certain content areas, and can then use this information to practice with targeted exercises and track improvement over time with additional practice tests and sections.

Test Innovators provides time management diagnostics and scoring for the College Board’s official practice tests, which the most serious students use as an integral part of their SAT preparation.

It’s completely free to get started until March 15th! You can learn more and get started here.