Why Test-Taking is like Basketball

  • Posted By: Hannah Grandine
  • May 17, 2017

The ability to be successful at taking tests will serve you throughout your life: from the SAT and ACT, to the LSAT or the GRE, success and upward mobility in life often comes down to the ability to perform well on tests.

At Test Innovators, our vision is based on one core belief: test-taking is a skill that can be learned.

Many people don’t share this view. Sadly, some students get discouraged early on and internalize the belief that they just aren’t good at taking tests. Not only is this a damaging outlook that often lasts beyond one’s academic career, it is actually never true.

The outcome of being successful at taking tests is to accurately demonstrate your knowledge. It is true that while some students have an innate talent for competitive tests, others find testing incredibly difficult. This doesn’t mean that they can’t learn how to succeed on tests.

In reality, test-taking is a skill like basketball. Some players start out with advantages like height, agility, or great hand-eye coordination. Some players have two left feet. But that doesn’t mean anyone who picks up a basketball can’t learn how to pass, make free-throws, and handle the ball effectively in a game if they are dedicated.

Like basketball, success on standardized tests requires hard work and knowledge of the game. We’ve been studying testing since 2012, and through helping over 70,000 customers improve their performance on the ISEE and SSAT, we’ve developed methods to help every student get the best score they are capable of.

"Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion." - Michael Jordan