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Who We Are

We are Test Innovators, a team of educators dedicated to helping students succeed on standardized tests. We have written test-prep textbooks, study guides, and practice problems for elementary, middle, and high school level students, and have tutored the HSPT, ISEE, SSAT, GMAT, SAT, ACT, SHSAT and a breadth of academic subjects. With extensive experience as both tutors and professional writers, we have crafted the very best full-length HSPT practice tests available today.

The surest way to succeed on the HSPT is to learn essential test-prep strategies and to practice, practice, practice. However, in order to practice, students need effective materials with which to practice. Throughout our years of tutoring this test, we've found a startling lack of high-quality practice materials. While some HSPT prep books included one practice test tucked away in the back, there just wasn't enough true-to-the-test, HSPT-specific material available to our students.

To empower students preparing for the HSPT, we combined our tutoring and writing expertise with thorough research, and created two full-length practice tests. Our practice tests are true to the official test in terms of content, difficulty, and format, so you'll know how to be ready for test day.

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