Meet Scholarship Winner Owen

  • Posted By: Melissa Kinsler
  • November 13, 2019

Meet Owen

When Owen isn’t working hard in school, he enjoys reading. Owen has a particular interest in books about historical events, and although Owen typically steers away from fantasy books, he did enjoy reading the Artemis Fowl series and Eragon.

Owen’s ISEE Preparation

When Owen first took the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE), he attributed his high scores on the reading and verbal sections to his voracious reading habit and the tutelage of his mom, a librarian. He believes he didn’t do as well on the math sections because he wasn’t as familiar with the material. Additionally, when Owen initially took the ISEE, he didn’t have knowledge of test-taking strategies, such as eliminating answers.

When Owen received the scores from his first test, he knew he could do better, so he started preparing for the next test. Owen took full-length practice tests on Test Innovators’ online platform, and after completing a practice test, he would review the analysis and study the answer solutions for the question he missed. He worked through the recommended practice exercises every day, and when he would get a question wrong, he would analyze the mistake he made to avoid making the same mistake again.

When Owen first took the ISEE, he scored in the 82nd percentile, and after months of preparation, he raised his scores to the 95th percentile. His hard work and dedication made him an awesome candidate for our 2018-2019 Independent School Tuition Scholarship.

Owen's Next School

In the fall, Owen will be starting 9th grade at San Domenico School. San Domenico, founded in 1850, is an independent day and boarding school located just north of San Francisco in San Anselmo, California. The day school serves students in grades K-12, and the boarding school hosts students in grades 9-12. San Domenico currently has 668 students campus wide, 122 of which are boarders. San Domenico is committed to excellence in education and preparing the next generation of global leaders.

Owen is looking forward to the opportunity to be more independent before going away to college. He likes San Domenico for its diverse programs. Owen is especially interested in joining the strong robotics team.

Owen’s Advice for Other Students

Owen’s advice for students preparing to take the ISEE is to be diligent with all the practice exercises. He also suggests looking at the practice test analysis to see the questions you answered incorrectly and then taking the time to study their answer explanations, so you know how to answer the questions correctly next time.

How Can Test Innovators Help Your Student?

Test Innovators is here to build test confidence through personalized practice. The system dynamically adapts using insights from over 20,000,000 questions answered on the Test Innovators platform, helping each individual student focus on the most impactful practice. Timing analysis helps students learn effective time management, personalized recommendations target areas of weakness, and tools to build test-taking skills all ensure that students have the confidence they need to be successful on test day. Test Innovators helps students achieve their goals by helping them get the scores they need to gain admission to their dream schools.

Test Innovators has helped over 100,000 students improve their test scores to gain acceptance into schools with selective admissions processes. They offer prep for the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT), the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE), the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), and the ACT. They also offer tutoring for all four tests.

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