Meet Our Team

We are Test Innovators, a team of educators and technologists dedicated to helping students succeed on standardized tests. We believe that standardized test-taking is a skill you can learn, which will open doors to new opportunities throughout your life. Our decades of experience with test writing and tutoring, combined with our dedication to finding the best technological solutions, provide students with an unparalleled test preparation experience. We believe that with the right tools, a personalized learning path, plenty of practice, and support throughout the process, every student can reach their fullest potential, and find the test preparation process fulfilling rather than stressful.

Our Team

Edan Shahar

Chief Executive Officer

Edan Shahar, co-founder and CEO of Test Innovators, has extensive experience in the realms of technology and education. He has founded several technology companies which turn data into actionable insights. In founding Test Innovators, Edan combines his love of education with a passion for using technology and data to create superior methods to improve student learning.

Dan Cantor

Chief Technology Officer

Dan Cantor, co-founder and lead developer of Test Innovators, has been building web platforms since his childhood. His love of technology is only matched by his love of mathematics. When he's not working to improve the Test Innovators' platform, you might find Dan at home solving advanced algebra questions. He is thrilled to be leading Test Innovators' innovation into a bright future.

Brenna O'Neill

Director of Education

Brenna brings to Test Innovators an intimate knowledge of private schools, standardized tests, and the admissions process. Her experience in math, English, and test prep education helps to improve student learning and inform product development at Test Innovators. Brenna is excited to ensure every student’s success through building excellent educational content, resources, programs, and tools.

Ben Hoglund

Director of Sales and Business Development

Ben Hoglund comes to Test Innovators after several years building relationships with schools, while working at WhippleHill Communications and Blackbaud. Ben is passionate about helping schools solve their problems using the latest technology available. When he's not on the road visiting campuses, Ben spends time in the lakes and mountains of New Hampshire with his wife Avery and their four young children, Harper, Taft, Baird, and Henley.

Geoff Dennis

Director of Operations

Geoff joined Test Innovators in 2014 and has managed the company’s operations ever since. A self-proclaimed standardized test aficionado, Geoff has years of experience in both the elementary education and online technology fields. He brings a passion for high-quality client experience, a knack for content creation, and a dedication to helping students reach their full potential.

Jackie Christensen

Director of Product

Jackie Christensen joins the Test Innovators team with 14 years of experience leading product teams in delivering innovative edtech solutions to students, parents, teachers, admissions professionals and academic leaders. She has a passion for solving real world challenges with technology and nurturing product ideas from concept to reality. Small world fun fact! Jackie lives in the same New Hampshire town as Ben Hoglund. Ben's mom sold Jackie the house she shares with her husband Mark and 13-year-old son Mason!

Joanne Cheng


Joanne has over 17 years of finance experience in venture-backed technology companies. Prior to joining Test Innovators, Joanne held VP of Finance roles at Peoplefluent and Brightcove and Director of Finance role at Carbon Black. She has a bachelor of science degree from MIT in Management Science. Joanne lives outside of Boston with her husband and three children.

Harish Puvvada

Software Engineer

Harish holds a master’s degree in computer engineering from NYU. From a young age, he has had a passion for everything related to computers, learning about them from the inside out, from basic analog circuits to complex web development. His experience and knowledge of computing systems gives him unique insight as he helps Test Innovators develop groundbreaking educational tools.

Kim Merrow

Sales Manager

Kim is fueled by a passion for education and working with students. A former 4th and 5th grade English Language Arts and Reading Intervention teacher, she worked with hundreds of independent schools while at Blackbaud and comes to Test Innovators after three years at Holderness School in Plymouth, NH. A New Englander by heritage, Kim moved to northern New England in 2015 after living in the South for her entire life, drawn north by her love for the mountains and her enjoyment of the outdoors.

Kimi Rosadini

Sr. Operations Associate & Account Manager

Kimi graduated from Santa Clara University with a bachelor's degree in anthropology, with additional coursework in foreign languages and international business. She has merged these passions with her interest in education during her career, working at startups and in early childhood education, both in the United States and the Czech Republic. At Test Innovators, she hopes to create amazing learning opportunities for schools and families from all backgrounds, and bring access to as many deserving students as possible.

Celena Alduenda

Sr. Operations Associate & Marketing Manager

Celena’s love of learning led her to earn a degree in elementary education with a reading specialist endorsement. Teaching first grade ignited in her a desire to make a widespread impact on education. Celena’s passion for education and excitement for ways technology can optimize learning led her to join Test Innovators. She brings to the team an enthusiasm for working with people, a passion for education, and a desire to create awareness and acceptance through learning.

Leonard Aronson

Software Engineer

Leonard graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in computer engineering. He developed a passion for education during his time as a camp counselor and as a math tutor. With five years of engineering experience and a life-long love of learning, Leonard has a strong desire to help create a robust, accessible and effective test prep platform. When Leonard isn't tapping the keyboard you can find him hitting the slopes or climbing any of the mountains surrounding the beautiful city of Seattle.

Alika Gillard

Sr. Operations Associate & QA/Data Manager

Alika joined the Test Innovators team after earning her MBA in Data Management & Business Analytics from Clark University. Her passion for psychology research and education compelled her to work with several education technology companies and nonprofit organizations, focusing on social-emotional learning. She is excited to support parents, educators, and organizations in reaching their students' academic goals.

James Dean

Software Engineer

James committed to journey into programming in 2001, when he began coding his own homebrew for his Gameboy Advance. Although he once dreamed of developing small indie games, his thirst for knowledge beyond that led him to success as an application developer. He has developed and maintained applications in a variety of languages and frameworks and is constantly looking for an excuse to play around with the "next big thing" to hit the tech industry to keep his skills honed on the cutting edge.

Matt DeCosta

Software Engineer

Matt is a 15 year veteran of enterprise software development, with a focus towards information security and external systems integrations throughout the past decade. Drawing from his experience as the pet-parent of three cats, he is able to herd unruly requirements into sensible and well architected solutions, and while only a recent addition to the team, he is already bringing those skills to bear.

Ahladini Veerina

Operations Associate

Ahladini graduated from Occidental College with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and politics. Since high school, she has been deeply interested and invested in the fields of education and youth legal advocacy. Through experiences in a variety of roles and environments, Ahladini has come to understand the steep challenges that many students face both in school and out, often without the structural support they need and deserve. She is dedicated to using critical pedagogical practices to challenge and empower students.

Jorge Garza

Operations Associate

Jorge has spent his career learning new things and helping others learn them better. As a course developer at Noble Desktop, he developed workbooks that taught students the skills they needed to succeed in the computer graphics field. Recently at StoryCorps, he trained staff on how to record archive quality conversations for preservation at the Library of Congress. A graduate of NYU’s Kanbar Institute of Film and Television, Jorge uses his passion for storytelling to find innovative ways to help students learn.

Tristina Bryant

Operations Associate

Tristina says hello from Test Innovators! She is an Oliver Scholar who graduated from Rice University, where her curiosity led her to solve various problems with tech. Tristina has combined her love of the startup world with that of education because she believes technology can help bridge gaps in education in very unconventional ways. She also enjoys foodie life, hiking, and the occasional meme.

Marina Flider

Academic Specialist

Marina has a decade of experience teaching, tutoring, and mentoring students in a variety of academic settings and subjects. She earned her Ph.D. in comparative literature at the University of Texas at Austin, where she discovered education to be her passion. Since then, she has taught college classes, developed and piloted middle school humanities curricula, and tutored test prep. Marina loves honing students’ unique talents and equipping them with tailored skills that will allow them to succeed.

Erin Lynch

Academic Specialist

Erin holds two master’s degrees, and has worked with individuals ranging from kindergarteners to college students. Over the last several years, she has had the opportunity to teach test prep in a variety of settings, as well as working as a private tutor, college instructor, and teaching artist. She has a passion for working with children to build on their unique strengths, and is thrilled to use her range of skills and preparation to empower each individual student.

Matthew Farrell

Academic Specialist

Matthew is a seasoned ISEE and SSAT tutor with training in a variety of subjects. He has a passion for working with children to build on their unique strengths, and is thrilled to use his range of skills to empower each individual student. Employing a patient and empathetic approach, he is always eager to work with new students and loves watching as they reach new heights. Matthew is a graduate of University of Notre Dame, and his other passions include writing, making music, and exploring the outdoors.

Allison Ko

Academic Specialist

Allison graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor's degree in psychology. She is currently a master's of science candidate at the University of Washington, where she is studying speech-language pathology. Allison has been an ISEE and SSAT tutor for four years, during which she taught students in individual and group settings. Her students have ranged from elementary to high school students, with a broad range of talents and skills, including students that are gifted as well as those with special needs.

Erin McCoy

Academic Specialist

Erin L. McCoy holds an MFA in Poetry and an MA in Hispanic Studies from the University of Washington. She has won nearly two dozen awards in photojournalism, and she is the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship, among other awards. Erin is an experienced ISEE and SSAT tutor, who has worked with students of all ages in countries across the world. Erin has been a test prep tutor for over ten years, and enjoys applying her expertise to the needs and goals of her individual students.

Lauren Wooley

Academic Specialist

Lauren has been teaching for more than a decade, from individual tutorials and sessions to larger class lectures and media labs. Her passions for education, math, and music guide her as an educator to facilitate communication and learning across disciplines. In her work, she strives to promote a culture of critical engagement and curiosity and to develop curriculum and pedagogical models that speak to individual students. Lauren has a BA in Mathematics from Vassar College and an MA in Music from UC San Diego.

David Ferrari

Academic Specialist

David has over a thousand hours of online tutoring experience and many more in person. He has a passion for math and holds a degree in physics, but equally loves working with students to master reading and writing skills. His years of expertise in standardized test preparation ensure that every student gains the tools they need to succeed. David enjoys the process of learning about each individual student's goals and working hard together to achieve them.

Zach Moody

Academic Specialist

Zach realized that teaching would be his calling while working as a tutor and teaching assistant in the biology and chemistry departments at Swarthmore College. Always keen to explore, he spent 6 years teaching in classrooms across Vietnam and Korea. Zach tailors lessons to each student's specific needs, leveraging technology to teach test-specific skills and imbue each and every student with greater confidence.

Nora Martin

Co-Founder & Advisor

Nora Martin is a co-founder of Test Innovators and an experienced standardized test prep instructor and tutor for the ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, PSAT, SAT, and ACT. She graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University, and, since 2007, has specialized in creating test preparation materials for school entrance exams. She currently offers test preparation coaching in the Seattle area.

Matt Wright


Matt works as a Senior Data & Applied Scientist at Microsoft, focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Matt served as an Arabic linguist and human intelligence collector in the US Army for 12 years, including a twelve-month combat deployment to Afghanistan. He holds a BA in Near Eastern Languages & Civilization and post-graduate certificates in Business Intelligence and SQL Server Development from the University of Washington.