Test Innovators for Tutors

"I’ve been tutoring for over a decade, and the Test Innovators platform is the best system by far. I use it for all my students. With it I can track my students’ progress, whether they are with me or studying on their own. That gives me the data I need to ensure each tutoring session is highly efficient and specifically tailored to what my student needs to succeed on the test."

—Andy Kim

Why Test Innovators for Tutors?


Assessment Data

Allows tutors to quickly identify knowledge gaps for more targeted lesson plans.


Timing Data

Provides tutors with pacing data by question and section, delivering insight into critical time management skills.


Monitoring Data

Allows tutors to easily track practice test sessions and progress toward student goals.


Immediate Scoring and Insights

Scores and actionable insights are available immediately, along with additional question banks to further hone skills.


Training and Support

Test Innovators offers a high level of training and support, available 365 days a year. Guaranteed.


Proven Results

Students who use the Test Innovators platform score 70% higher than average on standardized tests.

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Tools for Tutors

Tutor tools make it easy to assess knowledge, create targeted lessons, and track progress.

Timing tools show time spent per question and section, highlighting any weakness in time management skills.

Assessment tools categorize questions by subject type and difficulty to quickly identify knowledge gaps.

Assessment tools also provide answers and explanations for each question, including links to question banks for additional practice.

Scoring tools provide immediate results, including stanines and percentiles, based on a student’s norm group.

Monitoring tools allow administrators to see exactly what the student sees.

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