NEW Changes to the ACT and What They Mean to Students

  • Posted By: Celena Alduenda
  • November 12, 2019

Recently the makers of the ACT announced three new changes coming to the ACT starting in September of 2020. These changes include online testing, retaking single sections, and superscores.

Starting with the September 2020 national test date, students will have the option to take the ACT online, which produces considerably faster results. Instead of waiting two weeks to receive test results, online testers will receive results in as little as two days. Students who have already taken the full ACT will also be able to retake single sections of the test if they wish, rather than retaking the entire exam. Additionally, students will be able to send schools their ACT “superscore,” which is the average of their four best individual section scores together to create one ACT composite score.

With these three changes, ACT is hoping to bring more direct benefits to students and evolve as a company into the digital age.

Given that ACT will soon allow test-takers to test online, there is a growing need for students to be prepared for this online format. Online testing is one step in helping the ACT break into the digital world and students should expect to shift their ACT practice away from just the traditional test prep; not only preparing themselves for the ACT but also preparing themselves for navigating the new online format as well since many will most likely be doing a section or two of the ACT (or even the full test) online at some point.

How Test Innovators Can Help You Prep

Test Innovators provides web-based practice tests, highly individualized diagnostic feedback, and additional practice tailored to each individual student’s area of greatest need. Students start by taking a full-length practice test. Results are available immediately so that students can see how they did on the test, on each question, and where there is room for improvement. The platform provides a personalized prep plan guiding students through additional targeted practice based on their results. Then after some practice, students can take another practice test section or another full-length practice test and see their results improve; all online!

In addition to practicing for the ACT and building test-taking strategies, preparing for the ACT using Test Innovators’ web-based platform allows students to simulate and become comfortable with the online test-taking experience before their official test day.

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