2019 Year in Review

  • Posted By: Test Innovators
  • January 23, 2020

2019 was a major year of growth for Test Innovators. To date, we have helped 135,000+ students, and those students have answered more than 20 MILLION questions on our platform. To support this growth, our team nearly doubled in size, so we can continue to enhance student learning.

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As you can see, 2019 was a year of student perseverance and pushing boundaries. 28,786 students from over 100 different countries answered over 8.5 MILLION practice questions. Impressively, they spent 84,638 hours taking practice tests, studying vocabulary, watching instructional videos, and working through practice exercises.

For the first time ever, Test Innovators started to measure Student Growth Percentile (SGP). SGP quantifies an individual's growth compared to peers of a similar starting point. To learn more about SGP, see this post.

2020 has just begun, but our team is already enthusiastically working on new features, new content, and new ways to learn. Stay tuned to see what 2020 will bring!