Meet Jacques

  • Posted By: Celena Alduenda
  • September 10, 2020

Meet Jacques

We are excited to introduce Jacques, one of our 2020 A Better Chance Scholars. Jacques’s diligence and self discipline allowed him to score in the 99th percentile on the SSAT.

Jacques enjoys spending time with his friends, playing video games, and watching educational videos about historic events. He also recently started playing basketball. In the winter, Jacques takes every possible opportunity to go snowboarding, which is something he likes to do with his grandparents.

At school, Jacques’s favorite subjects are math and science. He appreciates the complexity and depth of math and enjoys the challenge that it brings. Although Jacques is currently in 7th grade, he is working on 9th and 10th grade math. Jacques also loves to learn about science, particularly astronomy. His interest in astronomy stems from the concept that our planet is so insignificant relative to the rest of the universe.


Jacques took the SSAT as part of the application process for independent schools. He prepared for the SSAT by participating in the Test Innovators A Better Chance summer preparation course and by practicing independently on the Test Innovators online platform. Jacques explained that without Test Innovators, he would not have been able to achieve such a high score. He explained that in addition to the plethora of practice materials, Test Innovators was most helpful in helping him learn test taking strategies and skills, practicularily time management. Jacques said, “[Test Innovators] helped sharpen my knowledge and skills.” He attributes much of his significant score increase to good time management skills.

In addition to helping him improve his scores, Jacques recognized the benefits of test preparation beyond the test itself. He said, “Preparing for the SSAT helped improve my grades in school. The studying process wasn’t exactly enjoyable, but I would do it again to gain more general knowledge.”

Advice for Students

Jacques’s advice for other students preparing for admissions tests is to get a jump start on preparation. He said, “Start preparing early, even if you don’t exactly know your test date yet, so that when you do take the test, you’ll be prepared.” Jacques also advises students to prepare with Test Innovators. He said, “I wouldn’t have achieved high test scores and been accepted into a prestigious school without [Test Innovators’] help.”

Advice for Parents

Jacques’ father, Kim Ian, advises other parents to make sure your student is well-rounded and not just skilled in one subject area. He explained that there is a balance between developing weak areas and improving strong ones. Kim Ian stressed the importance of time management, which he explained to be a critical component of test taking. He also encourages parents to be flexible and keep an open mind throughout the process. Lastly, Kim Ian expressed gratitude for Test Innovators’ support. He said, “We are grateful for Test Innovators.”

New School

Jacques will be starting at Groton School in the fall. Groton School is a boarding school a few hours from Jacques’s hometown. Although he is a bit nervous to be away from his dad and grandparents, he is excited to be living with soon-to-be friends and teachers. He said, “It will be an entirely new experience.”

Test Innovators is Here to Help

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