Fresh Updates for ISEE & SSAT Practice Tests

  • Posted By: Brenna O'Neill
  • March 16, 2018

Test Innovators' education team is excited to announce the release of our new 2018 ISEE and SSAT practice tests!

We at Test Innovators are committed to providing the most accurate ISEE and SSAT preparation materials available. To this end, we update our tests throughout the year to ensure their accuracy based on feedback about the official tests. In addition, every year we release entirely new, updated practice tests. Students taking these tests will encounter new content in the form of new passages, new vocabulary, new sentence completions and analogies, and new math questions.

In addition to this brand new content, we re-balance our existing test content based on extensive data from the past year, which ensures that each test is of the same difficulty. These updates are designed to create practice tests that match the difficulty, content, and style of the official tests so that students will go into test day confident and prepared to succeed. Log into your existing account to check out our new tests now at and