The SSAT at Home: What to Expect

  • Posted By: Celena Alduenda
  • September 28, 2020

The SSAT is now being offered at home, making it safe and convenient for students to take this important admissions test. The SSAT at Home is offered every Saturday, as well as a few Sundays, and can be taken up to five times per year. The SSAT at Home is the same test as the traditional SSAT— the only difference is that the test is administered on the computer rather than on paper.

Because the experience of taking a test at home on the computer is different from taking a test in person on paper, it’s important to know what the testing experience will be like so there are no surprises on test day.

What to Expect: Before Test Day

Technical Requirements
In order to take the SSAT at Home, you will need a computer or laptop with a webcam, speaker, and microphone. You will also need access to the internet. Before test day, make sure to complete the mandatory system check on the computer or laptop you will be using on test day.

If you don’t have access to a computer or laptop and/or internet, the EMA (makers of the SSAT) is providing students with a free testing kit, which includes a laptop and a mobile hotspot for internet access. The testing kits are available to students with and without fee waivers. It’s important to note that students should not schedule the SSAT at Home until after requesting a kit.

Other Requirements
To take the SSAT at Home, you will need a quiet room where you can be alone during testing. You will also need a flat surface, such as a desk or table, and a chair— you are not allowed to be on the floor, on a couch, or on a bed during testing.

It’s important to note that you do not have to take the SSAT at Home in your home. You are allowed to take the test in any quiet, private location, such as a resource room at the public library.

What to Expect: On Test Day

You can launch your test up to 30 minutes prior to the start time to give yourself plenty of time to complete the security check and room scan, which requires you to show the proctor the room you’re in. A parent or guardian is allowed to be in the room during the initial set up and test instructions, but they must leave when the test starts.

In the event that you have questions or technical issues, you will be able to chat with your proctor at any time during the test. It’s important to note that the proctor is there to provide technical support and won’t be able to help with questions on the test.


Middle and Upper Level
The Middle Level is for students applying to grades 6-8. The Upper Level is for students applying to grades 9-12.

When taking the test, you will be able to leave questions unanswered and go back to previous questions. Questions will turn blue once they have been answered, so you can quickly see what questions have and haven't been answered.

SSAT at Home:

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You will have two ten-minute breaks: one break is after the Writing Sample and the other is after the Reading Comprehension section. If you would like to take the scheduled break, you will have to select “Request Break.”

If you finish a section early, you can check your work on that section and move onto the next section, but you won’t be able to come back to that section later.

SSAT at Home:

SSAT Practice on Test Innovators:

What to Expect: After Test Day

Your scores will be available about four business days after you take the test and can be accessed on your SSAT portal at If you selected school recipients during registration, it will take schools just three business days to receive your score report.

For more information about the SSAT at Home, check out the EMA's Guide to the SSAT at Home and the FAQs page.

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