Can I retake the SSAT?

  • Posted By: Jordyn Vandeleur
  • January 2, 2019
How many times can you take the SSAT?
Even the most prepared test takers can have an off day. It could start at breakfast when you run out of milk and end up eating dry cereal. Or perhaps you tossed and turned all night, unable to sleep. Or maybe everything is going great until you get to the test, sit down and find your seat keeps wobbling and squeaking and your pencil won’t stop breaking. Whatever the reason is, you walk out of the test knowing that after months of practice you could have done far better. 
If this happens to you, you’re not alone. The good news is you can take the SSAT more than once!
The SSAT is offered on eight Saturdays during the testing season (October through June) and you can take it on any or all of those dates. In addition to each of these set dates you can take one flex test. The flex tests are offered on a day other than one of the eight official testing Saturdays and are usually hosted by a school or consultant. This amounts to a total of nine opportunities to take the SSAT!
However, before registering you will want to double check the application deadlines of the schools you are applying to. While you can take the SSAT in June, most application deadlines are much earlier, so don’t count on taking the test eight times.
For many students, simply knowing there will be an opportunity to retake the test can alleviate some testing anxiety and lead to better performance. With this in mind, many people will register for the test early in the testing season, secure in the knowledge they can retake in December or January with time to spare before application deadlines. And remember, you can always add your score recipients after receiving test scores and choose which attempt you want schools to see. Learn more about adding score recipients here.
Today, January 2nd, is the last day to register for the January test date! If you are still thinking about taking the SSAT one more time, you can register at