How to Send Your SSAT Score Report to Schools

  • Posted By: Tristina Bryant
  • January 18, 2021

The SSAT score report is one component of the application process to independent schools. It is important to know how to send your score report to prospective schools so that you can make sure your scores arrive before the application deadline.

There are a few different opportunities for you to send your score report—while registering for the SSAT, before taking the test, and after receiving your score report.

Score Reporting During Registration

When you register for your test, you’ll navigate through different sections. The third section will be the “Reporting” section as reflected in the screenshot below:

You will be asked, “Would you like to add Score Recipients at this stage?” and given the option to click “No” or “Yes,” with “No” as the default option.

If you choose to select your score recipients during registration, select “Yes” when prompted with the screen below:

You will be able to search for the school by name, or put in the corresponding school code. It’s important to note that once your score report is released, designated recipients cannot be cancelled.

Tip: Because you have the option to select score recipients after you’ve had the chance to see your scores, we generally recommend selecting “No,” and instead waiting to add your score recipients until after you’ve received your scores. We also recommend that students plan to take the SSAT twice (in case their first test doesn’t go as well as they’d hoped), so you’ll want to wait to send your scores until after you’ve seen both reports.

Score Reporting Before Testing

You also have the option of adding and removing score recipients after you have registered for the test. You can do so within your parent/guardian account. It’s important to note that schools can only be removed or changed before scores are released.

Accessing Your Scores After the Test

If you take the SSAT at Home, you will receive your scores 3-4 business days after the first Sunday following your test, or 3-4 business days after your test if you test on a Sunday. If you take the computer-based test, you will receive scores within four days of taking the test. If you take a paper-based test, you can expect to receive your scores within two weeks after your test materials have been received by EMA.

There are two ways that you can receive your scores after taking the test:

  • Online Score Reporting (Free)
  • Mail Delivery of Score Report - $25
  • FedEx Delivery of Score Report - $35 (U.S./Canada) / $65 (International)

Tip: Because online score reporting is free, fast, and easily accessible via your SSAT parent/guardian account, we recommend using this method to access your scores.

Score Reporting After Testing

If you have elected to send your scores after you’ve received your report, you can do so from the SSAT parent/guardian account dashboard. Keep in mind that scores can only be sent through the parent/guardian account, and not the student account.

From the dashboard, select “SSAT Scores.” This will take you to a list of your available scores.

You will be able to select which score report you’d like to send by clicking on the “+” symbol.

(Credit: SSAT.ORG)

Use the search function to type in the name of the school or the school’s code, and press “Add” to add them as a score recipient. Be sure to triple check that the school(s) you’ve added are correct.

(Credit: SSAT.ORG)

On the confirmation page, confirm your selection by pressing “Yes, Share Scores.”

(Credit: SSAT.ORG)

If you’re satisfied with your scores and are ready to send your them off to schools—you’re one step closer to completing your application! If you think there’s room to improve your scores, check out Test Innovators personalized SSAT preparation.