When will I get my SSAT scores?

  • Posted By: Test Innovators
  • August 6, 2020

Months of practice and three hours of testing have come to an end—you’ve completed the SSAT!

After you’ve had some well-deserved rest, your mind may return to the test, reflecting on the reading passages, rethinking the harder math questions, and obsessing over when you will receive your scores. Now that you’ve done everything you could, waiting can be difficult.

Paper-Based SSAT

If you take the SSAT on paper at an in-person testing center, it will take about two weeks for you and the schools you selected during registration to get your score report. If you requested scores be mailed to you, it may take another week to receive them.

SSAT at Home

If you take the SSAT at home on the computer, it will take only four days to get your scores. If you added school recipients during the registration process, schools will receive your scores in just three days.

As soon as your score report is ready, you can view your scores by logging in to your SSAT account here. If you want to know the minute scores are released, you can sign up to receive a text or email alert from the SSAT. After you’ve reviewed your scores, you can decide if you’d like to send them to the schools you’re applying to.

Once your scores are up, interpreting all of those different numbers can be difficult. You can check out this guide to learn and understand your results.