SSAT Test Success: How You Can Help Your Child

  • Posted By: Nora Martin
  • September 3, 2014


  • Get resources: full-length SSAT practice tests, level-appropriate vocabulary lists, a watch for test day (and practice sections!), a quiet place to complete timed sections
  • Help students eat well, sleep well, and exercise often


Organize with your child:
Connect students with a tutor or class (or you!) to:

    • When will they test?
    • How many new words can they commit to learning per week?
    • Will you help them study or quiz them?
    • When will they take diagnostic practice tests?
    • Learn SSAT strategies: Ex, when to guess? There is a wrong answer penalty on the SSAT.
    • Review any needed math concepts
    • Practice the Writing Sample


  • Build confidence. Celebrate successes and assure them that with practice they can do their best.
  • Know that their happiness and success in life is actually NOT dependent on SSAT results. (If YOU are overly concerned they may become overly stressed which will NOT help them.)
  • Offer an “after-test-day” award as motivation; a treat not dependent on scores. This “Woohooo, you did it!”-award can be material or a celebratory activity you’ll do together.
  • Congratulate little successes along the way!

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