When to start preparing for the ISEE?

  • Posted By: Hannah Grandine
  • April 25, 2017

It’s a key question: when to start preparation for the ISEE?

As a general rule, we recommend starting six to eight months prior to your test date.

This means that if you plan to take the official test in the fall and have not already taken a preliminary practice test, you should consider starting now. Every season we see students and parents reach out to us a few days prior to their test date, or even the night before, totally stressed out about cramming for an unfamiliar test.

However, the students who take their first practice test with ample time before their test date have the chance to become familiar with the content and structure of the test well beforehand, and can figure out what specifically they need to work on in order to improve their scores.

Diagnostic practice tests provide immediate scoring in the context of target schools, as well as detailed feedback on questions and timing, so students know exactly which areas to target before test day to reach their ISEE goals.

Though we do recommend starting 6-8 months prior, starting preparation with any amount of time left before the exam is always beneficial. Whether you are taking the test nine months from now or the day after tomorrow, start with a practice test today.